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Central System Mist Collectors

Centralized Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators are used to control hazardous emissions which pose a threat to the environment and your business. Available with a unicell or separate ionizer and collection cell configuration, these systems provide customizable engineered solutions for tough emissions from asphalts, industrial cooking, plasticizers, textiles, rubber and other processes.

Ceiling Mount Mist Collectors

Smog-Hog mist collectors can be ducted from your ceiling to save valuable factory floor space. These heavy-duty electrostatic precipitators offer long-term industrial air cleaning to eliminate smoke, mist and dust generated by brazing, casting, flame cutting, drilling and more. 

Machine Mount Mist Collectors

Smaller, more compact mist collectors are available when floor space in your facility is at a premium. These Smog-Hogs can be mounted directly onto machining centers to clean the air and recycle machining fluids.

Portable ESP Mist Collectors

The Smog-Hog PCN is a portable unit ideal for situations where large hoods are impractical, smoke-producing machinery is used intermittently or an employee moves from one work station to another. The PCN is an adaptable, efficient and easily-maintained source capture system. The source capture swing arm and hood can be positioned directly over the smoke and fume source to capture dangerous contaminants that can cause respiratory problems and create safety and maintenance concerns.